Play the lotto like it’s your last time

Play the lottery like you’re never going to play it again, go at it like it will be the last time you will ever have the chance of winning those millions and be a Jackpot champion. If this is how you lived your lottery playing lifestyle which game would you play? The lottery know it all say if you play the lotto like a beginner will only add danger to your game, instead play like a professional and this is why.

The United Kingdom’s biggest and latest lottery jackpot winners said this was their motto of how to play the lottery, let be realistic, you never know what could happen to you in the next hour or tomorrow so why not go all out.

After being play lotto world players for over 20 years the recent lottery winner couple said buying a lottery ticket was a standard for them and this led them to finally be proud owners of a £32.5 million fortune.

The couple described themselves as every down to earth and their friends agree with this statement and it seems their lotto win hasn’t changed their ordinary lives when they were spotted on Wednesday morning purchasing some dog food.

The retired jackpot winner said he carried the winning lottery ticket in his pocket for a week before cashing it in just because of the sheer shock was suffering.

The couple, who have been happily married for 13 years were recently spotted doing their standard grocery shop at Tesco’s and pilling the bags into their family wagon, they said they are in no rush to start spending their money but definitely want to get a new car, but second hand. The thing that is sitting at the top of their to do list a long with their second hand car is to travel but they have two dogs at home so they are in no rush to do so because they refuse to leave them at a pound.

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