Pennsylvania Cash 5 Jackpot Splits

Pennsylvania Lottery is one of the most renowned and popular lottery organizations in the world. Known to have generated a huge list of millionaires, the lottery is still creating history. The lottery is living up to the expectation of many players and giving away huge jackpot prizes.

One of the most loved lottery games in Pennsylvania is Cash 5. People love to try their luck in this lottery game all round the year in every season. The game has helped many people become a million dollar rich. With an astounding history of creating mega-millionaires, the lottery has lived up to its name again. The lottery has found out the two winning tickets that will soon claim their jackpot prizes. The Big winner who will split the winnings bought the ticket at Prashant Mini Mart in Castle Shannon.

The second winner who will claim the jackpot prize for the Saturday draw is a resident from the eastern side of the state. The jackpot prize for the Saturday draw was an astonishing amount worth $450,000. The rule of the lottery states that if there is more than one winner for any prize category, the winnings will get equally divided amongst them.

The Cash 5 lottery winning numbers for the Saturday draw were 03, 13, 26, 27, and 36. Both the tickets have all the five numbers matching. The first ticket was sold at Prashant Mini Mart on the Library Road while the second ticket was sold by a retailer in Susquehanna County.

As reported by Pennsylvania lottery, each player will get an amazing prize worth $225,000. The names and identity of the winners have not been disclosed yet. As per the rules, the winners have one year to come forward and officially announce their win. They must claim the prizes within a year. Good news for the retailers. Each store that sold the winning ticket will receive a bonus amount worth $500 from the lottery.

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