Out of ordinary lottery winners stories

Out of ordinary lottery winners storiesOut of ordinary lottery winners stories.Winning the lottery can make some people generous, and some downright crazy. And anyone who has just come into multi millions would act a little kooky because of it – it’s only human nature. It’s also a great source of entertainment for those of us who haven’t had the privilege of winning that delicious jackpot prize. Let’s take a look at some of the lottery winners’ stories that are a bit out of the ordinary, heart-warming and a little silly.

The Luck of the Store

The Sunny Quick Stop in Gaffney has earned itself the nickname “The Lucky Store” because this year alone it has sold two biglotto winning tickets in the space of just three months! Lotto players from in and around Gaffney visit the lucky store to purchase tickets for the major lottery draws they’re hoping to win. The bonuses from selling the two winning tickets were used to build a doughnut shop for Sunny’s son just next door to the Sunny Quick Stop called “Sunny’s Doughnuts”. How endearing!

Better Than GPS

Gary McLarty’s SUV had just been stolen and he’d left his winning lotto ticket in the dashboard. He thought the day couldn’t get any worse, when in fact it improved quite quickly. Thieves just can’t resist a freebie, and this particular thief who’d stolen his SUV had the cheek to cash in the ticket – even though it was only worth $10! It was lucky he did, because it gave McLarty the opportunity to track down his car.

Some Things You Can’t Take Back

You have to be careful when you give to the homeless. Emily Leach, a former $1 million lottery winner learned this lesson the hard way when she gave away her $260,000 winning MegaMillions lottery  ticket, happily they say, to a homeless man outside the store where she bought her usual weekly ticket entries. Now she wants it returned to her, unsurprisingly. She claims it was an accident and that the homeless man was bothering her so she quickly handed over a $100 bill and the ticket – despite the video footage from the store’s surveillance cameras showing her smiling while handing over the ticket.


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