Ontario Lottery Being Sold To Highest Bidder

One of the biggest things to happen in Canadian lottery has recently come to light, and since it is all over the Internet, it may be safe to assume that you most probably already know about the ordeal.  If not, the short of the long of it is that the provincial government of Ontario has become a little cash-strapped over time, and in order to try and survive, or rather in order to try and substitute the losses that they have made over the recent time, they are hoping to sell their lucrative lotto trade,  and basically hoping for a bidding war to happen between the largest telecommunication companies in Canada.  This may very well be the case, considering the lotto trade is not just any lotto trade – this is a $1.3 billion annual lotto trade, and that is not small change.

Any company with an annual turnover with as much as the lotto trade of Ontario can expect to receive massive bids, should such a company before sale.  Luckily for the provincial government of Ontario,  the chances that they get this, as they are hoping for, are actually quite good.  With the money gained from selling off this amazingly large lotto trade, the government of Ontario will most likely be able to get out of the bad financial situation that they are currently finding themselves in, but this all depends on the amount that they get.  If they are able to pull this off, it will be great news for the people of Ontario indeed.

The one thing that we need to consider is the fact that the lotto trade from Ontario may change a little after it has been sold.  Of course this is not a fact at all, and the company that gets the lotto trade may keep it exactly as it is,  but it is important to consider the fact that it might happen.  If it does happen, whether it will be for better or for worse remains to be seen.  The worst part is that if they do in fact decide to change some things, and it is not for the better, it will not only be bad for the company,  but also for the people.

We are really hoping for the best to come from this move, and we hope that a great company wins the bid for the Ontario lottery.  There may come great things from this, and hopefully there will.  If the company that acquires the lotto decides to keep it the way it is, it will be great.  What will be even better is if they decide to spice things up a little with a few promotions, and perhaps one or two new things, but the important part is that they keep the good things exactly the way they are, and actually listen to the people, and this is what we are hoping to see.

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