Number seven has power

Number seven has power

Number seven has power Back in 2011 it was the year of number seven, it was announce that the world’s population had reached 7 billion! That is a lot of zeros with a very special number in front of them. Is there any significance to the number 7?

As lotto players we have an extra special attraction to numbers in life. Every number could be a potential lotto winning number for us, the difference between 2nd places or a life spent living the ‘lotto lifestyle’.

Is 7 you’re lucky lotto number? Considering that we have just reached the 7 billion population mark on the planet, it might be the appropriate time to start considering it.

The Power of Seven

What will the number 7 get you in life? Let’s explore the buying power of 7:
$7 US – Gobble up a Big Mac Burger Meal.

$70 US – Enjoy the sound of an iPod Shuffle 2GB.

$700 US –Keep up with the Jones’ with a new Apple iPad 2 64GB.

$7,000 US – Do you have a daughter who enjoys the music of Justin Bieber? Why not buy her some of his hair?

$70,000 US – Ever wanted to own your own country? You can rent Liechtenstein   for a night.

$700,000 US – Drive off in a 2nd hand Bugatti Veyron!

$7,000,000 US – Why not kick back with a personal live performance by the Rolling Stones?

$70,000,000 US – Feeling romantic? You could re-stage Kate & William’s Royal Wedding

$700,000,000 US – Ever dreamt of being the owner of a sports team? You can purchase the legendary LA Dodgers Baseball Team.

$7,000,000,000 US – Spread the love. You could give every person in the world $1.00

$70,000,000,000 US – Are you feeling social? You could buy Facebook!


Lucky Sevens

If you are starting to consider the lotto number 7 you might want to start considering the EuroMillion lottery. It is one of the few lotto’s in the world (along with the Oz lottto) where you have to pick 7 numbers. The Euromillions lotto is played twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights – try your luck.








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