Not every winner has a happy ending

Not every winner has a happy ending


Not every winner has a happy ending.Winning the lottery might sound like the best thing that could ever happen to you but that is not always the case. There are lottery winner stories that will make you jealous and others that will make you happy you’ve had to work hard for your money. Here are few real life stories

1-She sued the lottery company for selling her a ticket: There was a person who won the EuroMillions £1m raffle and became stressed from suddenly having a large sum of money and had her relationships with her friends were affected. Despite not going broke, she claims to have felt meaningless with her wealth. She decided to sue Camelot (the company that runs lottery games in the UK) for negligence in providing good advice to someone at her age (17 at the time) and also claimed that it was irresponsible to allow under 18 years olds to buy lottery tickets.

2- They are in even more debt now: Ex-girlfriend’s aunt and uncle have won three times. Odds say that if you are within two degrees of knowing someone who won it, your chances are pretty beat. These guys won three times. 1$ million, $50k, $1.2 million. All in the span of four or five years. Bought a brand new Suburban, Mercedes and Dodge ram. Remodel the house, finish the basement, do a lot of nice work. Didn’t pay off any debts, didn’t pay off their house or cars. They are currently in more debt than they were before the lottery.

 3-She went broke within three years: A friend of a friend won a $17m jackpot back in the mid-1990. Within 3 years, she was completely broke. Her family still hounds her for money constantly and refuses to believe she doesn’t have any. She couldn’t say “no” to her family, they bled her dry, and now that she hasn’t got anything left to give, they won’t speak to her because they think she’s holding out on them.

As you could read above not every lottery story has a happy ending .That is why you should use your winning wisely.



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