Millionaire way to celebrate new year eve

Millionaire way to celebrate new year eveSo if you’re new to the rich life, here are six ways to bring in the New Year. The Millionaires’ Way.

Throw a yacht party

Gather your closest friends and bring in the New Year in style from the party of a lifetime on your very own yacht. With a fully staffed crew including bartenders and chefs on board, experience life like royalty and enjoy what might be the best New Year’s Eve of your life.

Australians and people from many other places worldwide don’t have the luxury of spending New Year’s Eve and Christmas in the snow. Furthermore, holidaying in the snow around the festive season is unfortunately very costly, and many families can’t justify the additional expense. But as an overseas lottery winner, you can spend your first New Year in the snow! Think snowman and snowball fights. Cozy nights spent rugged up by the fire and skiing your way into the New Year. Now doesn’t that sound lovely?

Fly to Paris

Ignite the romantic within you and surprise your special someone with a Parisian New Year’s Eve. If proposing has been on your mind, what better time to drop a knee than after an overseas lottery win and a night spent in the most romantic city in the world. What’s that saying, ‘the way you spend New Year’s Eve is how you’ll spend the rest of the year.’ Who wouldn’t want to spend an entire year engulfed in love and happiness?

Throw a party at your new mansion

Let’s be honest, is there a better way to bring in the New Year than with a house party? No long lines, no strangers giving you grief after a few drinks. Just your closest friends and family who are all there to celebrate the New Year and your newfound fortune. After all, winning in an overseas lottery means that this won’t be an amateur party. Instead, your newly purchased mansion will be lit up with festive decorations and accompanied by a staff of caterers and bartenders to tend to your every need throughout the night. What’s even better is that your home will be spotless by the time you awaken from your hungover slumber by the team of cleaners you’ve hired to make the place sparkle again.

If modesty is more your thing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a beautiful dinner at your favorite restaurant. But however you choose to spend your night, remember that this is your first New Year’s as a millionaire, so make it memorable.






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