Magic words used by lottery players

Magic words used by lottery playersMagic words used by lottery players.Did you know that Successful lottery players have a mindset that’s different to most other people? And it’s all because of two crucial words that change the whole concept of their playing.

Lottery success demands a lot of things, and so these words are among the most important to take note of.

Play Persistence.

I’ve played for many years and won prizes in almost every game

I achieved my record 22-ticket win through play persistence.

But it’s only because I’m able to keep playing – persisting – that my win rate keeps rising. It’s this compounding effect that makes the difference. By persisting in my playing I’ve been able to achieve enormous winning success.

There are two other things you should take into account for your fast winning success. The first is:

– Increase Frequency

You can play once just once a month, but more frequently is better. Be aware that playing more often is only effective if you use the same amount of tickets in each game, rather than splitting up your monthly ticket totals to play the more frequent games.

The other important point is:

– Game Focus

Good players concentrate on one game alone.

But there’s two more important words that the professional player uses, which changes the whole concept of playing to win.

And they are: Entry Fee.

Here’s why. The problem with most lottery amateurs is they see their lottery playing money as an investment. So they want to get a return for the hard-earned money they’re spending.

But it’s not an investment. You never get a Return on Investment on lottery tickets in the same way as you might buy blue chip stocks or shares.

Getting a return is business talk. The lottery is not a business.

A lottery is one of the few ways you can gain the highest amount of money you will ever receive in your lifetime, and for that to happen you need a different mindset.

You should remind yourself that ticket costs are an Entry Fee, not a balance sheet accounting cost.

Once you understand the power of this, it really will affect the way you look at the whole way of playing your game.














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