Lucky is not just in the lottery

Lucky is not just in the lottery

Disd you know that Lucky is not always  just about winning the lottery? Sometimes it can be a matter of life or death and Luck is what steps in to keep you safe.

Luck is not just about making a good situation better, for example, by winning the lottery. Luck can actually be about saving your life. Luck can help you escape a bad situation.

We have all been in those situations where we thought things might not turn out for the best. Then out of the blue something comes along to save us. Perhaps it was a business deal that was going bad but then suddenly turns out profitable. Maybe you were skydiving and your parachute didn’t open but luckily you had packed a reserve. Who knows, you might even have been singing karaoke and had forgotten the words but luckily they were displayed on the teleprompter.

For many of us luck is seen as that intangible quality that brings joy and goodness to the world.

• The sound of the slot machine as it drops its shiny coin contents into the winner’s tray signaling a massive jackpot win at a casino.

• Perhaps it’s the yells and screams of a lottery player who is hugging his wife after he has realized he’s just matched all 7 numbers on this week’s Euromillion lottery draw?

• Some might argue that sports can be the domain of luck but I am sure there are many sportsmen and women that will tell you how a catch, a pass or a goal was the result of pure luck!

This is the kind of luck we are familiar and comfortable with.















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