Lotto wins who spends but didn’t win

Lotto wins who spends but didn't win If you’re in need of some real estate inspiration, we’ve found it for you, in the form of some of the world’s most expensive homes. Take a look, buy your lottery ticket online with playlottoworld.

Starwood Estate – Aspen, CO ($10.8 million)

Coming in at the bottom of the list is Starwood Estate in Aspen, yours for a mere $10.8 million. If you’re a country music buff, you’ll be excited to hear that one of its previous owners was the late John Denver – and you’ll be even more excited to tour its seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, indoor pool, tennis court, private gym and movie theatre!

Dracula’s Castle – Transylvania, Romania ($80 million)

If you’re more goth than country, Dracula’s Castle will do nicely for you, nestled in the highly un-creepy region of Transylvania in Romania. Previous owners include Vlad the Impaler, the original inspiration for the character of Dracula, so if you’re a fan of horror literature, you’ll feel right at home. You may have a fight on your hands for ownership, as the castle is currently a museum, but with a big enough bank balance, we’re sure you can stake a claim. (Stake, get it?)

Updown Court – Surrey, England ($138 million)

A little higher up the price list is Updown Court in England, coming in at a wonderfully affordable (?) $128 million. Although when you consider its 103 rooms, 58 acres and 8 years of construction time, it’ll seem cheap at the price.

Antilla – Mumbai, India ($1 billion)

And the most expensive home in the world? That honour goes to Antilia, in Mumbai, worth a staggering $1 billion! Owned by businessman Mukesh Ambani, Antilia stands at a colossal 570 feet tall, and employs a staff of 600 to oversee its day-to-day upkeep. Home sweet home!


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