Lotto betting or real tickets

  Lotto betting or real ticketsLotto betting or real tickets.Lottery betting services operate under the same conditions as lottery ticketing operators. They require you to pick a set of six or five lucky numbers. The result is that there is no difference in the winning odds between the two.

In other words, you have the exact same odds when playing the lottery with real tickets as when lottery betting.

The disadvantage of this is about to become clear.

What are the disadvantages of lottery betting?

The biggest disadvantage of lottery betting is that you cannot play for the official jackpot prize. The prizes offered by lottery betting might only reach into the millions… but they will never reach the billions. This is what you could win playing the official lottery with real lottery tickets Lottery betting agents determine their own prize structures based on official lottery payouts.

However, an established lottery ticketing agent offers the same prizes as the official lottery. You can play for these prizes online and from anywhere in the world. Another disadvantage of lottery betting is that there is often no fixed price for the bets. The price of a bet is often reflected by the jackpot amount. The price for a billion-dollar jackpot ticket will always be the same for online ticketing agents.

But lottery betting will be more expensive the bigger the prizes. Some players also note the lack of transparency from lotto betting outlets as a disadvantage. Questions around how they claim players’ winnings are often raised… Such as, why you may have problems claiming larger payouts from lotto betting sites.

Additionally, because no real tickets are purchased by the lotto betting site you are much more susceptible to online scammers. If you are unfortunate enough to fall victim to one of these scam operations, the official lottery provider cannot step in to assist you because no actual tickets have been purchased.

Real tickets, real prizes and real rules

Lottery betting only places a bet, whereas lottery ticketing agents offer you real tickets for real games. For many, this is not a deal-breaker. But many lottery players like the feeling of playing a real ticket in their favorite lottery games. Lottery betting has definitely paid out some big jackpots.

That being said, they will never hold a candle to the multi-million or billion-dollar jackpots paid out by the biggest lotteries from Europe, USA and the rest of the world. Lotto betting may also have their own prize structuring and rules depending on the betting service that you choose.

They could offer double-payout, shared prize-tiers or other unique rules that are exclusive to that particular lottery betting agent. When you play at a lottery concierge service supplying real tickets you always play with the official lottery rules and prizes in place.

Play online with real lottery tickets

Think you need to head down to the local shop to buy real lottery tickets? Think again. You can play real lottery tickets from lotteries around the world at online lottery ticketing agents like


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