Lottery Teenager

What do you do as a teenager that has just won a two million dollar lottery, well in this case nothing for now. A nineteen year old just wants to carry on working hard and keep a level head, wants to put himself through University starting in the new year and not blow all that cash on parties and cars.

Having come from a single parent home with two younger siblings this teenager started doing odd jobs to help out his mother’s meager salary, when there was enough money to spare after giving what he had earned to his mother he would then play lottery, sometimes at the store or sometimes online lotto.

He said that it was not always possible to play lotto and did not imagine for one second that he would actually win lotto and neither did his mom and friends when he told them the good news. He said he wanted to do things differently to other lottery winners and to date had not even bought himself a car. “I don’t want to become a self-absorbed person wrapped up in money”.

Most winners don’t do anything substantial with the money but so far he has helped his mom settle debts and pay other essentials, he says that even when he is at varsity he still plans on working and of course play lotto world is still a must.

He says that he has read to many lotto news stories where previous lottery winners feel worse than before, because they think they were handed a great chance and threw it away.

He says people may think he has not had any fun, but he says he no longer worries about what the family will eat tonight and sleeps very well knowing that he will not make lottery news being broke and has money security now.

lotto teen

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