Lottery Statistics

A normal person would never assume that they would ever experience a shark bite, a lottery win or being struck by lightning, but who ever said that this isn’t possible?

In America during 2010, $58 billion was spent on lottery tickets, it stands the odds of landing the jackpot is around 1 in 200million, most people end up spending more on the lottery than winning anything.

Not only are odds low to become a lottery winner but not many people think about the impact it will have on your relationships, consumptions habits and your happiness. Here are the stats to consider.

44% of those who play lotto and win lose it all. Or those who are wealthy, lived a hard life dedicating themselves to working, earning their millions and knowing how to save/ spend it in the process would ultimately have a different outlook on money.

For someone who hasn’t experienced an abundance of money, earned their fortune or dedicating their life to become a success would react to mega million differently.

44% of national lottery winner make lotto news for losing all of their winnings within 5 years.

48% of lottery winners keep their job. 15% of people start a new job and 45% start up their own business.

Think you will be happier than ever after winning the lottery? Well through stats its said that your chances of being happier is only around 50%. 55% of those who are successful on play lotto world are happier after winning, 65% of these winner don’t stress about financial problems and 23% have the ability to buy whatever they want.

83% of winners give money to their families, you’ve known for years that your mom wanted a camper van and your dad a fishing boat, but that was just a thought. Now you can make it a reality and often do because you can.

lotto stats

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