Lottery scandals and shams

The lottery has been around the many years and there has always been speculations of scams for as long as It has been open. One example is lost ticket shambles, believe it or not lost lottery ticket scams happen a lot, people see that their chances of winning the lottery is by one number, then suddenly the dog has eaten half of the lottery ticket or the lotto ticket ended up in the washing machine. People feel that pure energy and excitement of nearly winning the lottery and to be off by one number is just unbearable, like most lottery players could imagine.

But some stories are true and people end up losing out on the ultimate jackpot because they miss placed their lotto ticket. Two lottery players from the Watford ended up losing out and lost out on the change to win £ 3 million on the lottery jackpot, they say that this happened after they misplaced their ticket. Although you are able to convince lotto officials they had bought it hard story all together. The national lottery and this is the same for other lotteries around the world give you a 30 day time limit to report a lost lotto ticket, after that time frame the chances of winning the lottery is gone. This ended up becoming the biggest unclaimed lottery amount since the UK lottery started in 1994.

Remember the number one rule when playing the lottery is to keep your lottery ticket safe! Even if you are playing on playlottoworld, make sure you keep of your receipt and email confirmation. If you loose this you won’t only be throwing away your chances of being a new lottery millionaire but even if all your lottery numbers don’t match you can still win numbers, some lotteries will give you money if 10 numbers match or even if the ultimate jackpot number is the same as the line up.

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