Lottery life statistics and how they’re right

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to hear and read on the lottery news channels of lottery winners whose lives changed instantly, mostly for the better but those others their life changes in a different and not nice direction.

One example of a life situation that happens with a lot of lottery winners is a bitter divorce disaster. Just one example is of a lottery winner in the United States who bagged $ 1.3 million which is the equivalent to (£890,000) in the USA lottery, after winning the lottery, the winner left her husband and had no explanation or reason why, just without a word. After a few months of deliberating the now ex husband got suspicious but only acted on his suspicions two years later, via a reason he has not explained he somehow seized a letter enlightening the truth and decided to sue his ex wife for not revealing her lottery winnings in the divorce. Oddly, the judge who heard the case awarded every single cent of the lottery winners to him and left the ex wife with absolutely nothing.

There are many different divorce stories that come up on the online lotto sites like playlottoworld and it is definitely not new to hear stories of lottery winners getting divorced after a few months of being lottery winners, the reasons why are unknown but unfortunately it happens way too often.

Not only are couples affected when lottery money is won, even families are greatly affected and same as couples, sometimes they are affected in a bad way. Many families have fallen apart over money even when the lottery jackpot is not involved, many people get jealous and change when money is involved. Another these are more reasons to keep your jackpot win a top secret.


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