Lottery is a blast

The Tzar Bomba was and still is the largest nuclear device ever detonated, it had the explosive force of about 50 to 58 megatons, that is 50 to 58 million tons of TNT or about 10 times larger than all the combined explosives used in World War 2, it is like trying to picture winning that 50 million dollars playing the Lottery, I know it is mind boggling.

The blast was so great that the flash of light could be seen from 600 miles or 965 kilometers way, it literally vaporized everything within a 15 mile or 24 kilometer radius and destroyed and set fire to everything within a 64 mile or 103 kilometer radius, scary, you bet, but not as scary as when you have forgotten to Play Lotto World and that mega Lotto jackpot is tonight.

The cold war will pale in comparison to the hot tongue and cold shoulder you will get from your partner but luckily for just as the world was on the brink of nuclear disaster you remembered that you can Play Lotto at Online Lotto and that wall is removed and peace is once again restored.

Just as some madmen were hell bent on tearing civilization apart so Play Lottery has had the complete opposite effect, it is a universal language that is spoken and understood from all four corners of the globe, whether your Lotto News is printed in English in some other foreign language it has one common goal and is to produce Lottery Winners and improve the lives of those in need.

So to keep that temperature at home at a comfortable level don’t forget to check your latest Lottery News to see if you have hit that megaton Lotto jackpot.

lotto blast

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