Lottery brings a family back together

Dreams do come true and this happened for a New York man who has become yet another lotto multi-millionaire after winning the lottery.  At seventy four years of age he proved that you are never too old to play Lotto and to fulfill your dreams and he proved this by playing the same numbers he always has for years, after buying a ticket for twenty dollars he went on to win five million dollars .

Not having watched the live lotto draw, he subsequently only found out later that he had the winning numbers while at a shop checking the lotto news and promptly hid the winning ticket for safe keeping until he could claim his prize.

After his wife had passed away this new millionaire got by doing odd jobs but has not let this new fortune go to his head, he had decided that he will still keep the lifestyle that he had before winning the five million dollars as it kept him fit and healthy but said he will help out his children who had moved to Australia some ten years ago and would buy air tickets for them to come visit him with the grandchildren, some who he has not seen but only spoken to on the phone.

He said that by checking your local lottery news you will find all the relevant information you require from winning numbers to online lotto and how to play lotto world for those aspiring lottery winners.

He said that he had always dreamt that he would win one day and would not give up to play lottery  and went on to say that the money had come just at the right time as he really missed his kids and grandkids after his wife had passed away.

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