Keep your head whilst playing the lottery

Lotto today is played by billions of people around the world and each and every country has its own unique lottery news story to tell. Take the French who reportedly created theirs about 500 years ago, it got off to a shaky start was then forbidden for hundreds years and then relaunched as a one for the public to play lotto and one for the religious orders, such as Nuns.

However the amounts that were being collected were getting so large that a struggle ensued between the Church and the monarchy for control over the Lottery. Monies collected help build and maintain a numbers of Churches in France.

It was even reported true or false that during the French Revolution that some executioners before a person heads was chopped off with the guillotine would attach a number to it and then later a head draw would be done and if you had the “lucky” matching number you got a prize, talk about being unlucky if it was your head in basket.

Luckily today things are lot more civilized and getting those lucky numbers is as easy as playing online lotto or picking up your lotto news, the only blood that might be shed is you tripping over your own feet to play lottery and grazing your knee.

Although some people still frown upon lotteries as been immoral and merely as another way for the rich to get richer and the poor getting poorer they do however produce lottery winners, so whether this story be true or not it is all about keeping your head when you play lotto world or you could end up poorer, but luckily you will still have your head attached to your body.

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