JoemelPanisa Suddenly Came Across His $1million Lottery Tickets Eight Days Before the Amount Expires

Well, a sudden office cleaning spree on a snow day turned out to be a heavenly one for an Oregon man. It is during that time when he suddenly discovered an unclaimed ticket of $1 million, which is purchased nearly one year ago. He purchased the Lottery Tickets on 13th January 2016, and the drawing was to be done for the 15th Jan result.

Joemel Panisa, who is the owner of the $1 million ticket of Oregon ticket, bought this ticket on time, and kept it inside the envelope, and forgot all about it. And it is only during the cleaning spree, when he suddenly came across Lottery Tickets, and saw that the amount drawing date is likely to be expired within 8 days. So he wasted not even a single second further and visits the lottery headquarters for claiming the prize money.

Panisa was heard telling the lottery officials that he purchased the ticket on 13th Jan and forget about it. So, after finding it again, he claimed the prize on January 9th of this year.  The amount was said to be expired on 17th Jan, which was only 8 days from the time, when he found out the lottery ticket for the second time.

Panisa is now stated as the 4th mega million winners, from the time when Oregon started this game in 2010. So, this is now a true story of one of the luckiest men alive. Winning is different, but getting such a hefty amount suddenly, just before the date expires, takes the story to a completely new level.

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