It is easier to win the lottery than succeed in business?

 It is easier to win the lottery than succeed in business? It is easier to win the lottery than succeed in business?Well to tell you the truth, it is actually easier to win the lottery than to succeed in business… strange but true. Here’s why:

  1. The lottery takes less time for success. You could win a sizeable prize in a week, or maybe two years.  No-one really knows.

But the fact is that a new business will take all your full and spare time over ten years or more – and not even produce a profit most of it.

  1. You spend less time playing the lottery than any other activity, less time than making a coffee. And you only do this once a week. A business takes all your spare time and then some. Owners often say 80 hours a week is normal for startups.
  2. The lottery will never make you broke, because you only spend what you have in your wallet at the time. It’s very rare for anyone to take out a loan to buy lottery tickets. But a business exists on loans, and often its existence is like a daily rollercoaster ride as the owner wonders if they can meet payroll that week.
  3. Lottery odds are very much better, at a 98% win rate. All that needs happen is for the prize to be in the millions instead of a $20 one, and your future is secured.

Are you close to retire?

Your situation is worse when you don’t have the time left to make a business work. People close to retirement often don’t have the energy to get a profitable business going. It takes 10 years and you’re exhausted most of the time.

The answer I ask is can you easily become a millionaire through a business or savings – is a plain no.

This is the retirement life you should be living. The lottery makes it more likely than a business.

The opportunities for winning the lottery are far more plentiful. And best of all its fun playing and dreaming of your wins. What would you choose to do?

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