Is MegaMillions broadcasted?

Is MegaMillions broadcasted?

Is MegaMillions broadcasted?After you buy your Mega Millions lotto tickets, you can find out if you won by checking online or watching the news on TV. The drawing happens at 11 p.m. eastern time, but your station doesn’t show it for another twenty minutes. If you have that feeling you might have won and don’t want to wait, can you watch the drawing live?

Is the Mega Millions drawing televised? The Mega Millions Drawings are televised live on Tuesday and Friday from WSB-TV Studios in Atlanta. The drawings are conducted with strict security protocols to ensure the drawing is random. You can also watch the drawing live on YouTube.

Why Is My TV Station Not Showing a Live Drawing?

The Mega Millions drawing is televised live twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. The drawing takes place at 11 p.m. eastern time. However, your local tv station might show a tape-delayed version. This version is usually shown about fifteen minutes later. So why is there a delayed version? Why not show it live?

The answer is ratings. A station that shows the results at the beginning of the broadcast is likely to lose a lot of viewers as soon as the winning numbers are revealed. By doing a tape-delayed broadcast fifteen or twenty minutes later, they can lead in with the main stories and then broadcast a set of commercials.

After the commercials, the station airs the tape-delayed version. The hope is that since you wanted to find out the winning numbers, you might as well watch the first few minutes of the news and then check out the commercials. And those commercials are what keep the station on the air.

What Goes Into a Mega Millions Event?

In a word — monitoring — and a lot of it go into an event that lasts less than two minutes.

The preparation for the live drawing is around 3 hours that day. This preparation begins with a random selection of the machine and the balls. This is no simple matter of grabbing a machine out of a closet. Several machines are prepared, and then two are randomly selected for that evening. This is to ensure that no one can tamper with a machine.

  • The balls that will be used for that drawing are also randomly selected from different sets.
  • The balls used have specific weight and size standards.
  • Human hands cannot touch the balls being used.
  • After the sets of balls are selected, but before the drawing, they are then placed in a safe.




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