Instant millionaire story you should know about.

 Instant millionaire story you should know about.

on the 8th of May 2009. Friday. Winning numbers were 04, 23, 24, 29, 31, plus two star numbers 08 and 09. Catalina had spent 10 euros in the lottery ticket. The best 10 euros invested in her entire life. However Catalina didn’t know she was the Euromillion winner of the week. In fact she didn’t get to know she was the winner of the 126.231.764 euros Euromillion bonus until next Monday.

In the Euromillion headquarter in Paris, the database pointed out that the ticket had been sold in Spain, more precisely in ‘Administration de Lotteries number 25, Calle Alcalá, Madrid’. Sasha, a Euromillion worker sent a text to Catalina on Saturday morning informing her on the result of the raffle. Catalina worked in a well-known Spanish clothing branch in Mallorca. She arrived early to work on Monday, a routine she always had. She knew Mondays were always busy. They had to organize the week, and that’s why she did not read the text from her mobile until she was on her break: ‘Congratulations, you have won a prize’. She touched nervously her hair. Then she continued working. She remained on her job for two more years.

Catalina did not want to attract the attention. She kept working as usual. She was 29 years old the day she received Sasha’s text, and she was going to be a future mum. She was 5 months pregnant. Months before she split up with her partner. But Catalina spent those two years going to work as usual, being the same exemplary worker. And at the same time, Catalina followed Sasha’s advice of learning about investing and how to preserve her capital. She was a discreet woman, thrifty, and well balanced. She kept the same old car, she continued living in the same 50 square meters apartment, and she did not even tell her mother that she had won the 126 million euros during these two years.

Then, in 2011 she decided to accept her company redundancy program, and she moved to a small town in the middle of Spain. She bought a small humble farm and bought a 10.000 euros horse, several cats, dogs, birds.… Catalina invested in real State and conservative funds. By 2013 she had made an extra 30 million euros. Catalina does not have a maid in her house. Her son was born in a public hospital, and she travels in tourist class. She has always paid her taxes diligently.

The only thing that should be done is to admire Catalina’s case. Knowing the amount of big lotto winners who have squandered their money, Catalina has shown the world that humble, well-balanced individuals can remain the same no matter what destiny can bring them.

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