In Two Years, Couple Win Lottery For The Second Time

A UK couple have been fortunate enough to win £1m (US$1.5 million) twice within just two years. EuroMillions lottery is one of the most played lotteries in UK. The couple who won the thrilling lottery draw could not believe their eyes. David Long and wife Kathleen Long residing in Scunthorpe had first won the lottery prize worth £1m in the year 2013. They were on cloud nine when they heard that they had luckily won the prize again on 27th of March, Friday night. They were able to scoop in a big cash prize in a lottery game with winning odds of one in 283bn.

David Long admitted that he was shocked to know that he had won again but, he also believed that he would win again someday. He was excited to know that he and his wife were the first couple who won prize worth £1m twice and who had gone public in announcing their win.

A Camelot Spokesperson, UK national lottery said that it was an extraordinary event where the UK couple were fortunate enough to win the draw twice. He added that winners who win the prize once in the lifetime are excited and thrilled but, the UK couple had made to the top of the charts twice. He said that the win must have come like a shock to them, something they never imagined would have happened. The couple bought a Jaguar.

David said that the last lottery draw he won had 100 £1m prizes. The odds of winning were better than this draw. This time the draw had 10 £1m prizes on EuroMillions. The couple won the Euromillions raffle as their raffle codes matched the winning codes.

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