How to make a living playing lottery?

How to make a living playing lottery?How to make a living playing lottery? As lottery lovers, we all dream of hitting the big one someday – of seeing those magic numbers finally fall into place and feeling the thrill of a mega million jackpot win! While we can imagine it’s an experience second to none, we’re sure it’s one that pales in comparison to the best part of all – the spending! It’s something we’ve all fantasized about (go on, admit it) – calling up your boss, quitting your job, and turning the next few days, weeks or even months into the shopping frenzy of your life!

Just imagine – cars, houses, holidays, designer clothing, luxury experiences. The list is endless and the world’s your oyster. They say money can’t buy love, but it sure can buy some fabulous things – especially when you have millions to throw around!

Of course while it’s fun to imagine what we’d do with millions upon millions of lottery winnings, we very rarely stop to consider one important fact – that unless we show some kind of financial responsibility towards our money, there’s every possibility it might one day run out. $270 million (like the latest Mega Millions jackpot win) is a lot of money, but if you keep blowing it all on diamond-encrusted toilet paper and caviar doggie treats, eventually you’ll be down to your last few cents.

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Just ask now-infamous lottery winner Michael, or Mickey, Carroll, who blew through his £9.7 million fortune in just 10 years, thanks to a party-fuelled lifestyle of drugs, booze and hookers. A winner at just 19 years of age, Mickey’s dream was to live the rock star lifestyle, which he did with an endless stream of mansions, fast cars, helicopters, cocaine and vodka. Despite his friends’ warnings that his choices were spiralling out of control, Mickey continued with his orgy of excess – all the way down to near-bankruptcy. Today this fast lane lover is taking things a lot more slowly, with a £6-an-hour job as a biscuit packer in Scotland.

Despite his meagre circumstances, Carroll insists that he enjoys his new lifestyle: “I’d had 10 years of doing what a rock star does and I had to sort myself out. So I decided to head up to Scotland and it’s great – I love it up here. In Norfolk I crashed on a mate’s sofa but I’ve got a two-bedroom council flat just outside Elgin so I’m well sorted. I’ve got all I need so this is a new start for me.”

While we’re glad to hear that the story has a somewhat happy ending, we can’t help but think that financial security for life would be a more satisfying one. So while it’s all well and good to go shopping for that private island, just make sure you’ve got enough left over to keep you in groceries and petrol as well!






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