How to increase your chances of winning lottery?

how to increse your chances of winning

Everyone dreams of winning lottery, even without having a single lucky number to rely upon. Winning is a huge deal but that doesn’t meaning you cannot have fun playing. You need to know that there are few basic rules about how to increase your chances of winning lottery that can improve your chances. Play smartly by adopting picking strategies and playing different lottery games. Even though winning isn’t guaranteed, but you can have the best time ever playing. I will give you a little tip, start by choosing a wide range of numbers available in the lottery, most people usually choose common numbers like their date of birth and special meaningful numbers. Picking those lucky numbers limits your ability of winning, since many lotteries includes highest numbers others players tend to ignore. There are twelve month and thirty-one days to pick from, I believe you’re better off if you pick a mix bag of high and low numbers instead of just picking few numbers that are close together. Example Megamillions tickets starts with 5 numbers between 1 and 70, you might play 1, 13,32,52,63.its a unique ticket that not a lot of people are likely to pick, think about the odds as wells, many people go for numbers that means something to them but even if you win ,you might end up having to share the prices with them sometimes. Think smart and start reconsidering you’re playing techniques.

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