How to avoid getting caught in a lotto scam

Lotteries just like any form of gambling are vulnerable to fraud and scams. Despite the high degree of studies that are conducted, claimed by the lottery organizers, a lot of lottery scams do exist.

Those advanced fraud scams on the Internet are related to lotteries. These frauds start with spams are created to congratulate the lottery player their new lottery win. Normally this is in an email form and explains that in order for the player to release the jackpot funds the individual/ recipient must complete and fill in some additional information that is missing.

Another form of scams that the lottery is related to involves selling of “schemes” that are apparently supposed to help a lotto player choose the winning numbers and increase their chances of winning a Lotto game. The sale of these systems are not prohibited and are legal, but since they come with such a statement as “can help you win the lottery” and can guarantee a lotto win, just makes it too appealing for some to turn the other cheek.

There have been several cases of cashiers at lottery retailers who have tried their luck at lottery scams. Some locations where lottery retailers are requiring a patron to hand their lottery ticket to the cashier to regulate how much they have won, or even if they have won anything at all, what the cashier does next it scan the lotto ticket to determine if they obtain a winning ticket. In cases the cashier would claim that the lottery player has a loosing ticket or that the ticket is worth far less than it is and offer to dispose of the ticket but instead of doing that the cashier would pockets the ticket and end up claiming the win as their own.

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