How the lottery is marketed to us all

No doubt we’ve all dreamt about what it would be like to have £10 million chilling in our bank account, what would we do with it, where we would go on holiday, would I spend it on a fancy car or that home you’ve always dreamt of.

When you start to think like this then you start to picture yourself in that situation and how it would feel, you might even start google your dream house, even drawing it, you might even start planning your dream holiday, where you would go, your potential hotels, the list really goes on and on when you start to think about what you would do if you were a millionaire and playing the lotto makes it feel a bit more possible.

The lotto world is very clever is making you purchase that lotto ticket, yes they don’t have to try that hard cause you are already hungry for money but when you read and heard those lotto stories of those individuals who succeeded and were lucky enough to beat and win the lottery game then became winners it makes it feel more reachable. These stories would even include this new lottery winners spending habits and ideas of what he/ she is going to do with their cash. This makes the average person believe that they could be in the same situation. This makes us hungrier and driven to play the lotto and start to think about the things you would do. Picturing yourself in these lifestyle/ way of life is what makes us keep playing and we just can’t seem to stop.

It’s actually very simple, when in a situation where money is an issue we instantly resort to basically a non-logical way of thinking than going down the logical route, for example. We would rather spend our last few pennies on a lotto ticket than going out and getting another job, the hope we put into winning the lotto makes us feel better about choosing this idea.

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