Gottheimer Gave Away Online Lottery Tickets to Those Constituents Who Attended the Trump’s Inauguration Program

Now, you can proudly say that you got yourself Online Lottery Tickets, from a Congressman. Well, this is not a dream, but a reality, of course. In case you are willing to move to Washington for witnessing Trump’s inauguration, then you have high chances to win lottery tickets from Gottheimer. This was announced by the congressman himself he recently stated in a newsfeed that he is about to give away 150 inauguration tickets to his constituents. And for that, he is going to take help of the online lottery mode.

In a recent conference, he was heard stating that this is a way to encourage all the residents to witness the presidential inauguration program. So, this is no doubt very good news for all the lottery lovers, who have now chances to win million dollars and more. This ceremony is going to offer that golden opportunity to witness the current power transmission and get to see the US constitution into action. For Gottheimer, this is a historical event and it is the best way to attract people for the same.

All the constituents, who were interested in attending this program and even get free Online Lottery Tickets, where given a link, where they need to provide their information. An online form was procured from And the lottery tickets will be conducted over there. And the winners were asked to get their names notified by January 17th. This is a new venture and the first one to be seen ever. This rather attracted huge numbers of new faces in the program, too.

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