Good lottery outcome for bad person

A convicted sex offender won $3 million off of a lottery scratch card and thought he’d won the jackpot. This criminal thought he’d now been given the best gift ever and planned on spending it with no limits.

Just one thing he forgot, he is a registered sex offender, with a slew of women and young boys he’d hurt and left scarred for life. In 1999 he was arrested for assaulting a nine-year-old boy, he pleaded guilty and sentenced to 13 months in jail.

Whilst being released on probation he failed to comply with the law once again and ended up serving a 3-year prison sentence. Even though he is a registered offender with a long list of victims having money won’t always save you.

The one issue brought up in court was that since he became a lottery winner people started flocking in and telling stories of how he assaulted them, it was brought up that since the win people have been potentially making up stories to jump on the bandwagon and try get a piece of the money pie.

For those individuals with hard core evidence and a believable story they ultimate were paid out, leaving the offender with a minimal $20,000.000 in his bank account after five people were given money for the mental and physical damage they endured.

The once was lottery winner is now working as a taxi driver for his mom’s company and insists he is changed man.

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