Good Lottery Advice

In the United Kingdom lotto advicenearly seventy percent of people who have won big on the lotto are broke within a few years and that most probably will not be any different here in South Africa if look at the stats in the lotto news.

The problem is that some lottery winners are not experts in business and investing and have not had much experience with wealth so it is wise to make use of experts that can advise you properly with all the correct information. There is no rush so be cautious and have a plan of action.

Set a budget and allocate some of those millions to sensible spending, pay off things like debt, home loans, buy another house and invest in assets that will appreciate in value , cars are a prime example of goods that depreciated the moment you drive them off the show room floor.

Beware of agents that want to advice you on a commission basis and set up a fund for those just in case “those rainy days”, look at possibly setting up a trust.

If you are someone that has followed this route then make sure that your will is in order and it specifies who gets what, too many families end up in court and spending the family fortune on lawyers trying to resolve who gets what.

If you are one of those who play lotto at your garage or at online lotto and win then get used to being wealthy and having your name in the lottery news although remaining anonymous is not a bad idea either and do not quit your job immediately, speaking to someone who is already wealthy for advice is also a good idea.

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