Get your Superenalotto giant Jackpot ?


This week is definitely a big week for the Superenalotto lottery players as the jackpot keeps on increasing for the past few weeks,and unbelievable till today there is no single winner of the big jackpot,which currently stands at 204,000,000 Euros and you could be a winner you just have to be persistent.Below are a few answered question you need to know about Superenalotto :

Then odds  of winning superenalotto with superstar features?

SuperStar actually means adding another number to the formula. That means you’ll need to guess all seven numbers drawn from the pot correctly. The odds for that happening are 1:56,035,316,700. The good news is the prize is even more impressive than the standard jackpot.

What Was the Longest Time Without a Jackpot Winner in SuperEnalotto?

It was almost 17 months that no one won the jackpot before the lucky player took home €165.5 million in December 2016. From the probability perspective, each draw without the grand prize winner increases the chances of them getting drawn in the next session!

Can Playing Lottery Dream Numbers Improve My Odds in SuperEnalotto?

On our previous blog we gave you this sayings and here we go again,If you believe that you got a message to play certain numbers in your dream, don’t hesitate to include them on your ticket. You can check out our  lottery dream,and their meanings to learn more about this topic.

Takeaway Italy SuperEnalotto features a simple formula, but it’s a complex task to win the jackpot. The three draws and a cheap ticket price make things interesting. That’s why millions enjoy playing this game and hoping to beat the odds of winning that jackpot. If you want to jump on board, pick from the best lottery website and acquire some tickets today!





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