Get what you love this Valentine day

 Get what you love this Valentine day  Get what you love this Valentine day .With the current SuperEnalotto Lottery Jackpot at €21.1 million and Valentine’s Day right here, why not get to online lottery playing with and surprise your loved one with an extra-special Valentine’s she would never expect.

At over 5 million, you’ll have enough to invest, pay off debt and still have so much left over to spend freely as you wish.  Go on an exotic cruise, or opt for some personalized luxurious jewelry items for your loved one to make them feel extra spoilt and make this year’s celebrations one they’ll never forget.  Finally you’ll be able to spoil your significant other and show them exactly how much they mean to you.

If however, you are single or not into celebrating Valentine’s Day – then don’t feel sad or despondent.  Money can’t buy you happiness, sure, but it certainly can buy you some exciting toys!  Singles can look forward to spoiling themselves this Valentine’s Day and get exactly what they want to get with their giant jackpot winnings.


startAlways featuring as one of the top purchases lottery winners make, the sports car is an ideal purchase for the single winner.  Ride with the top down, at top speeds, with the wind blowing through your hair to experience complete freedom.  The Veyron has stepped up as the best street legal performance car ever built and quickly dethroned the McLaren F1.  On the up side, you might not be single for long when you arrive at your destination and step out of the driver’s side of this slick, mean-machine.



Well, if you’re going to splurge large on a brand new sports car, why not supplement that purchase with a motor coach that not only acts as a luxurious mansion on wheels; but also as a garage for your new wheels.  Get the comfort and convenience of a supreme mobile ‘home’-meets-extravagant coach, and travel freely without even having to leave your sports car at home.

UBC COREN BIKE – $32,500


Ok, so we know we might be killing it with too many modes of transportation here, but we promise this is the last one – the UBC Coren Bike.  What makes this a standout purchase is not only the amazingly sleek look, but the stylish bike also combines form and function.  The bike comes in full carbon fiber and is completely lightweight and uncomplicated, making use of a belt drive system instead of a chain – so you can rest assured that your equally expensive riding gear still stays intact.



If you’re going to be a millionaire, you definitely have to look the part, so definitely get your entire ensemble done with Frosdick of London.  The program is called ‘Million Dollar Dandy’, and for the price of $1 million they kit you out in an entire apparel collection.  What’s more is that the company has commissioned the Queen of England’s nephew, Viscount David Linley, who’s also a furniture designer, to make you a customized wardrobe in your choice of wood to house your new collection.  Your collection will be unique and adorned with diamonds and precious stones and metals.  It will exclusively feature the Frosdick crest and the price includes a hand built, personalized motorcar by Bristol as well.  That’s a mouthful to ensure you really get value for your money.  Your ensemble will be made up of:  14 Saville Row suits, 28 dress shirts, and 28 custom silk ties, 14 pairs of shoes and smoking jackets and dressing gowns.

These are just a few ideas to keep you occupied once you’ve acquired some mega millions online lotto winnings.  There are many more creative ways to spend your lottery loot – just as long as you remember to do so responsibly so as to not become a ‘lottery loser’ statistic.

Good luck and good gaming!




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