Friday the 13th lottery myths

Friday the 13th lottery myths

Today is Friday the 13th and millions of people around the world will spend the day being a little more cautious than usual as they believe anything could go wrong on this day. This Friday will bring extremely good fortune for a lot of lotto players. Whether it’s the €162m EuroJackpot or another prize, you’ve got to be in it to win it. So play the lottery online now and increase your chances! Especially on a day like this, taking note of the lottery myths as they may give you the best luck.


You’re more likely to Be Struck by Lightning

The commonly believed legend was statistically debunked in the 1990s. Thousands of people have become millionaires thanks to the lottery, and this includes a lot of winners that didn’t even land the jackpot. Conversely, only three people are killed by lighting in the UK each year.

Then again, you can only land the jackpot if you actually buy a ticket.

Some Shops Are Luckier Than Others

There is nothing to suggest that playing your lines in one shop will bring greater luck than any other. Furthermore, any studies that suggest otherwise are nothing more than coincidental. Play online now to stand a chance to win!

The only way to boost your hopes of winning big is to play the right games. Using our site opens the door to a wide selection of online lotteries that you will not find in shops. With more options at your disposal, the odds of winning big are suddenly back in your favor.

Playing the Same Numbers Increases Your Odds

Lotteries are a random draw, so this just isn’t true. On a similar note, a sequence of 1-6 is as likely as 2-11-14-21-29-32 coming in.

Whether you want to pick numbers that are relevant to you, have been drawn out regularly, or choose a random selection doesn’t matter. If you play a line, you’ll have just as much chance of winning as any other player. So the more you play, the better your chances!

Now that you know the facts, which lottery will you be playing this weekend?

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