French lotto

 French lotto

Have a look at yesterday French lotto winning numbers 7, 21,29,35,47, and 6 and the jackpot amount is €2 million. A good jackpot size that can provide you with many things such as new house, new car, new cloths, new business, what a big wow. Just imagine buying yourself and beloved family everything new isn’t it exciting? I’m positive that your answer is yes, that’s is why you might consider this friendly advice to direct yourself to the nearest store or you can do it from you home by accessing and guarantee you ticket, thanks to technology things have become much easier, since you now have the choice of either going to a store or maybe not.. So do not waste any time, and choose French lotto ticket and guarantee your chances of having new opportunities, that I reassure you that you family will thank you later. Another thing before I forget you don’t have to stick only to French lotto if you intention is to wider you jackpot, you can carry on with your search at website and get the chance to play other games that might offer you larger jackpots.

How to win the French Lotto

As it stands the French Lotto is a fairly lucrative lottery game, however there are ways of increasing your chances of winning a prize.

Never miss a draw: As the French Lotto is drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays you get three days a week to become a multimillionaire. Betting on multiple draws increases your chances of winning, but remembering to bet on the lottery each week can be a bit of a hassle, however, so the solution is to first check each of the draw days, then check the Subscription box, then finally set your Billing period from the dropdown menu before clicking on Submit.

Multiply your chances of winning: You know you don’t have to just pick five numbers and one bonus number, you can pick more if you want. Each additional number will cost extra, but, by entering multiple numbers in a single draw, you increase your odds of winning. This type of bet is known as a System Bet – to activate one just keep picking more numbers!


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