Financially Stricken People Play Lottery A Lot

It is a fact that financially struggling people spend comparatively more than their educated and wealthier peers on lottery tickets. But why do they indulge in the game of gambling when they do not have enough to lead a normal life? Researchers say that there are a lot of factors that affect the behaviour of players. These factors affect the cognitive thinking of socio-economically affected people. Let us see what these factors are.

  1. Social structure:

This is one of the most important factors that motivate the poor to buy tickets. People of lower social status are attracted more towards lottery games. They participate with an intention to win and attain a better status in society. Lottery is considered a safety valve by the poor people. They dream of becoming rich and lottery acts as a fantasy. Such people are bored of their lives and hence spend money on lottery tickets to earn big. They also plan to pay their debts and loans with the cash prizes. Lottery has been making people rich for a long time.

  1. Belief in Luck:

Middle class and poor people believe in faith and luck more than rich people. For poor people winning lottery is like a personal achievement. Superstition also plays a role in motivating them towards trying gambling. Fate and superstition is mostly prevalent in lower strata of society.

  1. Family and cultural ethics:

In few families lottery is considered an attraction. As the saying goes like dad like son! People play lottery games as it is like a tradition in most families. They believe in playing lotteries to improve their living standards. Lottery has been a boon for such families. With lottery winnings, they are able to meet their requirements. For such families, winnings of any size are considered a success. To meet their expectations and expenditure, they play lottery games.

Lottery was created to serve the society. They find it a privilege to improve the conditions of the people all around the world.

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