Fancy Indian experience for lotto winners

Fancy Indian experience for lotto winnersFancy Indian experience for lotto winners.There’s nothing ordinary about being a multimillionaire and we want to show you how your life could change overnight when you win any one of our massive international jackpots on offer. Today, we are putting the spotlight on India and the experiences you can have when you have a six-figure bank balance.

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Drive yourself around? Rather get your own chauffeur

With abundant luxury limousine services around, you could choose to be taken to any destination you choose with ease. With luxury limousines setting you back between 45,000-1,50,000 rupees, a mere US $468 at the lower scale. You can turn heads and arrive in style.

Celebrate your win in style at the Taj Mahal, Mumbai

Live out your wildest Bollywood movie fantasies, by throwing a lavish party at the Taj Mahal in Mumbai. Hotels in the area are rumoured to offer Petrus wine with a price tag of 92,000 rupees equaling US $1249.25 per bottle. What could be more glorious?

Why not make your stay royal?

In Udaipur there is a hotel called the Lake Pichola (also known as the Lake palace). This artificial lake was built to accommodate for the areas growing water and irrigation needs. There are four islands that you can visit here. Depending on what type of room you choose, you could spend a minimum of 40,000 rupees (US $543) going up to 400,000 rupees (US $5431) per night.

See beautiful Indian landscapes from the sky

If you’d like to see India like few have before, you could charter your own private flight to show you the breathtaking views. Starting at 400,000 rupees (US $5431), the sky really is the limit when it comes to how much you’ll end up paying for this exclusive adventure. When you’re a multimillionaire, you can touch the sky without worrying about the cost.

Take a break – a spa break that is

Ananda Spa is one of the most well-known and popular spas. This beautiful spa can be found at the foothills of the Himalayas. The spa offers introductory wellness programmes as well as extensive programmers to suit your needs. Spa packages start at 18,000 rupees and can set you back more than 100,000 rupees (US $1358) per day depending on what you choose. Long stays at the spa are however rewarded with free nights.

Learn how to cook 5-star cuisine

If you’re a dedicated food connoisseur, you might like to learn from renowned chefs how to prepare their 5-star dishes. Attend a cooking master class at The Oberoi Resort in Rajvilas, Jaipur. For standard cooking classes you will pay, only, US $88 but you could get a customized experience created just for you. While you are at the hotel, you may want to experience some of the other luxurious experiences the resort has to offer like exclusive breakfast in their Herb Garden, or high teas at sunset. They even offer you the chance to have a beautiful Vow Renewal ceremony.

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