Check out this television moments

 Check out this television moments

Check out this television moments.We all love to wonder what it must be like to win the lottery. It’s for this reason that winning the lottery has featured in quite a few television shows and movies. Can you remember any examples of the lottery in a show? If not, we’ve put together a few memorable lottery-based scenes, plots and blockbusters.  Feel free to pick your favorite moment and play the lucky winning lottery numbers that we’ve added to the clip!

Family Guy


Winning numbers:  10, 18, 19, 34, 45, 49.

If there was ever a television moment with tons of lotto excitement, like the one the world genuinely experienced on Powerball in January when the jackpot reached a manic $1.6 billion, it was during an episode entitled “Lottery Fever”.  Peter Griffin got sent into an ill-advised lottery ticket buying frenzy. What happens is that the dysfunctional family win the lottery, go on a ridiculous spending spree, go broke, win again and yes you guessed it, go broke again! Sounds like some genuine lotto winners like Michael Carroll who after winning 10 million pounds in the UK National Lottery, the “King of Chavs” lost the whole lot and had to reapply for his job again.

Breaking Bad


Winning numbers: 6, 20, 34, 36, 52, and 59.

In the Breaking Bad episode, “Buried” Walter White, the chemistry teacher who’s diagnosed with cancer, and who’s now cooking crystal meth to make sure his family have enough money to live off after he dies buries barrels of cash in dessert and writes down the co-ordinates, +34° 59′ 20.00″, -106° 36′ 52”. So as not to make it obvious that they are indeed co-ordinates to literally millions of dollars, Walter White plays the numbers on a lottery ticket and puts the lotto ticket on the fridge.


Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryWilly-wanka

Winning numbers: 9, 18, 33, 35, 42, 2, 4.

Now we all know that you have to be 18 to play the lottery, but tell Willy Wonka that! He hid a few Golden Tickets inside his famous Wonka chocolate bars, and those fortunate enough to find one in the tasty bar of chocolate, would win a tour of his top-secret Chocolate Factory!  The role of Willy Wonka was first played by Gene Wilder in 1971. RIP Gene Wilder.



Winning numbers:  1, 12, 42, 44, 46, 59.

Winning numbers:  In an episode of Friends, the group end up loving the lotto and play, when Phoebe experiences psychic visions that they are going to win. Unfortunately, she tips the basket of tickets off of the balcony on to the street below during a squabble about the prospect of having millions of dollars. This just proves that it’s once again better to play the lottery online!

It Could Happen To You


Winning numbers:  7, 13, 34, 45, 47, and 50.

This ones based on a true story!  In “It Could Happen to You,” Nicolas Cage a NY cop realizes that he has no money to tip the waitress, so he shows her his lottery ticket and tells her that if he wins, he will share the prize with her. As luck will have it – he wins! He’s not completely out of the woods though, as he is now caught between his promise to the waitress and his annoyed wife.


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