Buy you lotto ticket and become a winner

  Buy you lotto ticket and become a winnerToday we’re going to tell you about the most valued favorite jackpot purchase of the past lottery winners , mostly because the more we find out, the more we’re inspired to add to our own lottery shopping lists – and the more excited we’re becoming about this weekend’s jackpot draws too!

Riding off into the sunset

It seems there’s a certain buying trend amongst Lotto millionaires – and an expensive one at that. Mind you, when you win millions overnight, it’s the kind of purchase you can more than afford, whether you keep it as a hobby, or turn it into a thriving business. We’re talking about horses, of course – because nothing says ‘I’ve made it’ like owning one of these sleek, oh-so-pricy steeds.

Just ask Sharon Mather, whose life took an unexpected turn after winning £12,408,000 in 2010. Following her jackpot win, she and husband Nigel took a tour of racing stables owned in part by football star Michael Owen. “Michael Owen showed us round and we saw how passionate he was about horses,” she says. “We fell in love with Deauville Prince and paid £15,000 for a quarter share in our racehorse. Since then he’s been a storming triumph, winning four important races. Racing has become our passion and we often see Michael Owen at the yard which is wonderful.”

Working hard for the money

It seems as if other lotto winners have followed Meredith’s good example too – by using their winnings to set up the businesses of their dreams. Take Jamie Grieve, for instance, who used his £1 million jackpot to buy a house, and start his own custom-designed car business. Or Michelle Edwards, who used her £1,925,567 winnings to set up a luxury cake business in a converted outbuilding in her new home.

Of course not all lotto jackpot winners want to work – some want to relax too, like Dione Buss, who used her £1,888,630 prize money to take a well-deserved break. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and having had a number of relapses over the years, Dione was due a change in fortune to help her concentrate on her health and take a much-needed breather – which is exactly the luxury her win afforded her.

If winning the lottery is a dream you’d like to make come true for yourself, there’s no time like the present! The weekend jackpot draws are only a few hours away, and with €178 million up for grabs in the EuroMillions, and in 231 millions in Powerball, you don’t want to waste any time! 

So buy your lottery tickets online from while you still can, and start making that ultimate jackpot shopping list a bright, shining reality!


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