Bet you didn’t know this about money

Bet you didn't know this about moneyBet you didn’t know this about money.For thousands of years civilization has used money to facilitate the buying of goods and services, to help the paying of wages and taxes, and to give people an easy way of randomly choosing outcomes on the go! but money is much more than buying and selling, and indeed is a very interesting thing in its own right.

1. Ancient Paper

Paper money is the most recognizable form of currency and in reality is made out of very thin fabric, rather than paper. Paper money is very ancient; such coin-less cash was first produced in China as far back as 1,400 years ago.

2. Gambling Wins

Gambling generates more revenue than movies, spectator sports, cruise ships, theme parks and recorded music, combined! That’s not simply revenue enjoyed by the gambling industry though; there’s millions of people out there who have felt the gratifying hand of the lottery grace their bank accounts, and let’s not even think about the huge gains experienced by the winners of the largest ever jackpot size!

3. Global Currency

The United States dollar has for years been the world’s dominant reserve currency and many countries’ de facto currency, used in the majority of international transactions. This global situation has resulted in 66% of dollars being used overseas, a huge percentage compared to the rest of the world’s currencies.

4. The Great Game

A game known for sparking Christmas Day arguments within even the closest families, Monopoly is nevertheless an immensely popular game. So much so that worldwide, every year more monopoly money is printed than real money!

5. Gross World Product

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a popular way to weigh up the economic clout of the world’s nations. Add up all of these economies together and you get the stratospheric sum of $75.592 trillion!

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