Best entrepreneur cities in USA

Best entrepreneur cities in USABest entrepreneur cities in USA.If you’ve been dreaming of starting up a business then the latest $129 Mega Millions jackpott is one lottery game you should certainly buy entries for! It’s a whopping enough to get an ambitious business started. But where will you, as the newest and hottest entrepreneur lottery winner, indulge in your business passions? Take a look at these cities which have been ranked as the best cities for young entrepreneurs in America.

Where would you like to start a business? After winning the lottery have a look at the best entrepreneur cities we have gathered for you:

  1. Houston, Texas 

Houston,-Texas.There is an average of 9.9 businesses per 100 residents in Houston and the average income is $26,849. Entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the largest city of Texas, and with the low cost of living and host of new entrepreneurial resources this is a good bet for successful businesses!

  1. Omaha, Nebraska.

Omaha,-Nebraska.An average of 8.1 businesses per 100 residents, and an average income of $26,113. The service sector accounts for nearly 40% of total employment in Omaha – meaning a restaurant business would work really well!

  1. Austin, Texas.

Austin,-Texas.There are 10.8 businesses per 100 residents in Austin, and an average income of $31,170. Another business hub of Texas, this city also provides entrepreneurs with resources to maintain healthy businesses.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minneapolis,-Minnesota.With 10.4 businesses per 100 residents and an average income of $30,693 Minneapolis makes for a great place to start a business.

  1. Seattle, Washington.

Seattle,-Washington.Per 100 residents in Washington there are 12.5 businesses and the average income is $41,695. New crowdfunding rules mean positive impacts for entrepreneurs and their investors.

For the top five cities best for entrepreneurs, come back again to MegaMillion for a chance of turning all your dreams into reality.


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