Belgium Lotto

 Belgium Lotto

Belgium lottery was first established in 1934 as Colonial Lottery to raise money for the ailing Belgian Congo, but during 1962 it got a new name “National Lottery”, under which it’s known today. The first draw took place on 18 October, 1934.
The most popular lottery game named Lotto has been launched in Europe by the Belgian National Lottery on 4 February, 1978. Belgium Lotto drawing takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. In order to play the game you have to pick 6 main numbers and a bonus number from a range of 1 to 45, and all six correctly matched numbers will bring you the jackpot. If there are more than one jackpot winner, the jackpot will be divided among the winners.
There are also several additional prizes of smaller value for 3, 4 and 5 correct numbers, but in combination with the correct guessed bonus number you can win some extra money. Even just two correct main numbers and correct bonus number will bring you the prize.
The Belgian National Lottery game Lotto has a jackpot of at least €1,000,000, rising for the next draw if there is no one who managed to correctly guess six main numbers. In this case the jackpot can quickly grow to € 2,000,000, € 3,000,000, € 4,000,000 or more!
The Belgium Lotto requires six number selections between one and 45. The Belgium Lottery offers 1 in 8 million odds of winning the jackpot!

Belgium Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

Belgium Lotto hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Belgium Lotto cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Belgium Lotto results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.


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