Be aware of the hackers

be aware of the hackers

Well the term hacker originally referred to a clever or expert is now commonly used to refer to someone who can gain unauthorized access to other computers. A hacker can hack his or her way through the security levels of a computer system or network this can be as simple as figuring out somebody else’s password or as complex as writing a custom program to break another computers security software. If you analyze a little you can see that hackers are usually the reason why software manufacturers release periodic security programs to their computer that’s why we advertise you to be aware of the hackers.

What do hackers do?

Hackers usually hack online system in order to access your personal information that will be used to sell your information to other parties who will use it for illicit or illegal purposes, they steal your money, open credit card and bank accounts in order to prejudice you. But you can still find out if you have been hacked by checking the accuracy of your personal information such as credit cards and documents if you see anything suspicious or unexplainable transaction do worry because you might have been a victim of dangerous malware installation by hackers who may already be lurking.

But fortunately we can take some precautions against them by limiting the personal information you post on webpages, you can also keep personal information and financial information out of online conversations but the most important thing is to always check the accuracy of your personal accounts and deal with any discrepancies right doing so we can protect ourselves against them.


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