Alabama Lottery To Roll The Dice In Vegas Style

Finally Alabama has made it to the lottery. Senator Del Marsh is reported to introduce legislation that will allow Alabama to have casino and lottery games. Marsh is the only politician who has successfully supported casino-style gambling in a state that considers Lottery a sin. With the introduction of the legislation he will become one of the most powerful politicians in Alabama. With this legislation he has also become a villain for most of the Alabamians overnight.

The people of Alabama respect the teachings written in the holy Bible. They consider lottery a sin. These Alabamians were the people who had defeated the governor in 1999 when he tried to propose lottery in the state.

Del Marsh has taken this huge step to resolve the financial crisis faced by the state. Robert Bentley, the governor had been firing from all cylinders to come up with a plan that could help the state fight the budget crisis. The legislation is the answer to all the queries and worries. After wrestling for a long time over the issue, the state has decided to operate lottery. The General Fund of the state of Alabama is facing a shortfall of $200 million. It is also in a long-term deficit of $700 million.

Although Bentley proposed a series of bills that will help increase taxes. These taxes will help the state to generate almost $541 million more each year. But with the lottery as proposed by marsh, the state can expect to generate revenue of about $400 million to $500 million a year.

For years lottery and gambling were shut within the boundaries of the state. But after facing a long term financial issue, the state is left with no other option that can help them resolve the crisis in a short duration. Marsh had been asking the lawmakers to make a choice between gambling approval and tax increment.

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