Al Benge Lottery strategies

Al Benge Lottery strategies

There’s a book in my private library that amazes me every time I read it.

Al Benge Lottery strategies.It’s about the experiences of Al Benge, a then 29-year-old Australian public servant who has won almost every prize imaginable – just by entering sweepstakes and contests.

He’s won world trips, ski holidays, cars, cameras, sponsor’s products… the list of major and minor prizes he has won was just amazing.

And he wrote a book about how he did it.

What made this modest 9-to-5 guy a lucky winner ALL the time? And can we apply the secret to winning the lottery?

The answer is yes. Because his formula is a simple two-step process:

STEP 1) He entered every contest. He regularly scanned the women’s magazines and newspapers, and when he saw contests he entered them – sometimes up to 10 a week.

STEP 2) He made multiple submissions in every contest and sweepstake.

Let’s apply his 2-step process to the lottery:

  • If he were a lottery player, he would be playing a game every week or more.
  • He floods the game with multiple entries, using many tickets to cover the odds.

Remember your wins increase with every opportunity.

This is how you can manufacture your own luck. And maybe like Al Benge you can become one of the luckiest lotto players out there.








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