$ 50, 000 Hit In Gold Rush Lottery

Residents of Gurnee love to play lottery all round the year. They love Illinois Lottery a lot. The lottery has been changing the lives of many residents since it started. The lottery introduced a new game with the name Gold Rush sometime ago. The lottery game gained popularity soon after it was released. People started enjoying the game.

Patricia Easley, a resident of Gurnee did not know while playing the ticket that the new game would change her life forever. Patricia Easley has been living in the Lake County for over 10 years now. Her husband bought the Gold Rush Scratch ticket for her. She received the ticket from her husband. She was relaxing at home when she planned to scratch her ticket.

Totally unaware of the win, Easley scratched off the winning prize area. To her surprise, she had won the top prize worth $50,000. She was excited and exhilarated after discovering about her win. That day sitting at her home, she realized how one feels after winning a lottery prize.

When asked about the win, Easley told the press that her husband had bought the ticket for her. He bought Gold Rush scratch ticket as it was a new game. She added that her husband had never known that the game existed as he had never seen it before. Who knew that in the first attempt the Easleys would win a life-changing cash prize?

She had presented her winning ticket at the Des Plaines Illinois Lottery Centre. When asked what she planned to do with the money, Easley replied that she planned to retire soon.

Easley’s husband had purchased the winning ticket at Rashmi Quick Mart in Waukegan. The retailer of the store will be given a bonus worth $ 500. As per the rule made by the Illinois Lottery, the seller of the winning ticket is bound to receive 1 percent of the amount won by the winner. The prize or bonus was for selling the winning ticket.

Easley’s husband had bought the ticket by paying just $3. It is an instant scratch ticket. The game features a top prize worth $50,000. Besides Patricia Easley, three other winning tickets have been found for the top prize. These three winning tickets have yet to be claimed. Each winner will receive a prize worth $50,000.

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