5 types of millionaire hobbies

5 types of millionaire hobbiesThere are certain hobbies and pastimes that so many millionaires and billionaires take up that they are considered ‘millionaire hobbies.Here are the four most popular ones.


Golf is one of the most popular and common favourite pastimes of the wealthy. Billionaire Bill Gates has been known to golf frequently, along with actor Clint Eastwood who also often takes to the green fairway.


The classic ‘rich people sport’, polo is a game that exudes luxury and wealth. From the royal family to superstars like Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy, polo has held appeal for generations of the rich.

Racing cars

Living life in the fast lane seems to appeal to the incredibly wealthy. Hollywood big names like Steve McQueen and Paul McCartney have bought and raced classic cars – proving that while money may not be able to buy happiness, it can certainly get you a whole lot of excitement.


Flying lessons and owning planes is a costly hobby, but worthwhile. Be it in their private jet or personal helicopter, rich people like Hilton Hotels tycoon William Barron Hilton, for example, can’t get enough of this adrenaline boosting pastime.


Life must be smooth sailing when you’re sitting on millions, so why not sail for real? Many wealthy people spend their days on board private superyachts and sailboats. Some of the more notable ship and boat owners are Britney Spears, Quintin Tarantino and Jack Nicholson.

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