5 essential actions lottery winners should avoid

5 essential actions lottery winners should avoid


It took Maria Digel of Winnipeg, Canada, a solid 30 years playing the same numbers to win nearly $7 million.

Like this grandmother, many winners have tried for years before they achieved success.

Her picks — 7, 11, 12, 13, 35 and 41 – have a great deal of meaning for her.

They are the ages of her family when they immigrated to Canada decades ago, and the date that they arrived in this country.

She bought a ticket every week at the Real Canadian Superstore, where she gets her groceries.

She says the night before she won $6,986,491.90, she had a dream that she won a million dollars and split it up among her family.

“I always thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to win $100,000, wouldn’t that be wonderful?’” she said.

“I checked it with the girl at the lottery counter, and she said, ‘You’ve won more than 6 million dollars.’ I just felt numb.”

She will do what her dream told her to do and divide her winnings among family members.

“I’ll keep some for emergencies,” she said. “I live a simple life. I don’t need a fancy apartment. I am happy.”


When trying to win the lottery there are some things you just got to avoid in order to get that jackpot


So here’s 5 things winners DON’T do:

#1. Winners DON’T play more than one game.

The lottery is the one investment you can’t split up to spread your risk. You need to put all your eggs in one basket, and that means concentrating only on one game – and hitting it hard.

#2. Winners DON’T play in a ‘lucky’ lotto store.

There is no such thing as lucky numbers, nor are there lucky stores. Some stores claim to get more jackpot prizes, but when you look more closely at their track record it’s mainly because they have more people buying lottery tickets from them. It’s simply a numbers game… the more numbers, the better the odds.

#3. Winners DON’T miss a game.

#4. Winners DON’T forget to address their ticket.

It’s rare, but disputes over who owns the winning ticket do happen, or it could get stolen. As soon as you know the result, put your name on the ticket – and sign it too. That makes it legally your property.

#5. Winners DON’T use just one method to win.



Make sure you do take this notes it will help you in the future.




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