3 things about the rich you didn’t know?

  3 things about the rich you didn't know?Winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire overnight is the dream for many.
Having a big sum of money in the bank means you can quit your job, travel the world and enjoy the finer things in life. I mean who doesn’t want a Ferrari or to spend their days soaking up the sun on a yacht?
While you may envision the life of a multi-millionaire to be full of exotic destinations and private jets, there are a few things you may not have known about being filthy rich.
Many millionaires don’t live lavishly
It may surprise you that a lot of millionaires live quite modestly. The reason many millionaires do this is that they are choosing to live below their means in order to save money rather than showcase it to the world.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has been seen driving an Acura valued at around $37,000 and is often spotted in jeans and a T-shirt, despite being worth over $98 billion dollars.
Having good spending habits will help you in the future. We have all heard the horror stories of lottery winners that have lived luxurious lives for a couple of years before they have gone broke. It is important to spend wisely if you want your money to last.
It can be a bit boring
When you have to hustle and work hard for your money, you often take pride in your efforts and feel a sense of accomplishment. If you are rich and get money doing nothing, it can have little to no meaning. Without meaning, life can be pretty boring
As much as relaxing by the beach and drinking margaritas sounds like a dream, it will quickly lose its charm if you aren’t feeling a sense of purpose and accomplishing something.
Work can often be more than just money, it provides people with purpose and human interaction. If you do win big in one of our 8 internationally matched lotteries, maybe reconsider if quitting your job is the answer to all your problems.
Everyone thinks you’re made of money
Yes of course when you win the lottery you want to treat the ones you love and care about. But once you start giving, people may expect constant handouts which could easily see your bank account back to where it was before you won the lottery.
You can miss out on what on what really matters
Having a nice car and luxurious items is all well and good, but it has little meaning if you aren’t able to spend your days with the people that matter to you.
Many millionaires spend late nights at the office, missing out on milestones. It is important to remember, that money truly isn’t everything.


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