$243 Million dollar can buy your freedom

$243 Million dollar can buy your freedom

$243 Million dollar can buy your freedom .Most lottery enthusiasts dream about living the quintessential lifestyle that winning a gigantic lottery jackpot can bring.

If you had to ask a lottery player what first thing they would do with their jackpot lottery win they will tell you that purchasing a new home in a tropical paradise would be on top of their list.

This brings us to an undiscovered gem into some of the beautiful tropical places .Have a look below:

  1. The SeychellesSeychelles

Located off the east coast of Africa, these islands are pure paradise. If anywhere in the world would convince me to give it all up and live in a beach hut, Seychelles would be it. Perfect beaches, perfect water, tons of islands to choose from, and all the seclusion you could want. Seychelles are my dream and should be yours too.

This group of 115 islands offers everything a beach lover could ask for. Sadly, these islands are pretty expensive, but I guess there is a price to pay for paradise. The best time to visit is during the cool season from May to September when it rains less.

Interesting facts about the Seychelles

  • There are 115 islands that make up the Seychelles with a total population of under 100,000 people.
  • The Seychelles was once a pirate hideout and legend says there is still unfound treasure buried somewher eon the island!
  • Thanks to government conservation efforts, the Seychelles is a diving paradise.
  1. The MaldivesMaldives

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, The Maldives is a chain of 1,000 islands (200 are inhabited, and only 5 have any substantial population). The country is actually just a series of coral atolls that are barely above sea level. During the 2004 Tsunami, many of these islands were completely washed away. The government has built flood barriers to help lessen the impact of any future tsunamis.

These little coral islands are surrounded by excellent diving, snorkeling, and white sand beaches, and are filled with friendly locals. Private resorts litter the islands, and a vacation here is also very pricey. Luckily, Bangkok Airways offers cheap flights to and from Thailand. The best time to go to the Maldives is from November to May, when the weather is cool and dry. June through October sees wetter and hotter weather due to the monsoon season.

Interesting facts about the Maldives

  • The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls and over 1,100 coral islands.
  • It’s the lowest and flatest nation in the world.
  • The capital Malé is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
  1. The TahitiTahid

You know those pictures you always see of tropical bungalows in the water? Hats Tahiti. The name has long been synonymous with tropical paradise. One of the biggest honeymoon destinations in the world, Tahiti offers pure paradise and a lot of romance. Here you can relax in the sun, scuba dive, enjoy fine seafood, and take a morning dip right from your bungalow.

The island is expensive and caters to a more affluent tourist crowd. The weather is tropical all year round and very humid, though May to October sees cooler temperatures.

Interesting facts about Tahiti

  • Tahiti is made up of 118 atolls and islands.
  • Hawaii sees more tourists in a single day than Tahiti will see in an entire year!
  • The first over-water bungalows in the world were built in Tahiti.


win the lottery and go visit some of the most tropical places in the world.

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