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New Jersey $20 million lotto jackpot share by 16 brothers and sisters

lottery pick 6  winner

16 siblings share the ultimate jackpot pay out -a cool $20 million on there pick 6 lotto jackpot.They were working on repair homes in Sandy, the clan who ranged from 53 to 75  received the check on Thursday and went for the

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Would you work if you won the next lottery jackpot?

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‘Would I work if I win the lottery’, a question most people ask themselves when buying a lottery ticket. Recent surveys showed that just over half 51% of the working class would continue working, even if they had millions in

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Steven Traub wins $60million with his Lucky numbers

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Mr Traub purchased lottery tickets on regular occasions with the same numbers every time. July 8 2014 Mr Traub’s chosen numbers hit luck, not once but three times, on three separate tickets.  The new multi millionaire used his wife’s  and

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